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Monday, July 23, 2007

Not a Moment Too Soon

My period (finally) started last night, and not a moment too soon. If my PMS had gone on any longer I'd have had to who-knows-what.

The timing of my period starting was kind of funny; I recently added a new weekly webcam chat session over here on Rude which I call News FLASH!. If you're a long time member of mine you already know how it works, but basically anyone who shares a current event in chat earns the privilege of requesting I "flash" a body part to them on cam. Boobs, ass, and pussy are the most-oft requested body parts so when my period started a half hour before the chat was due to start, I knew I'd also wind up flashing either a) blood or b) a tampon string.

Since I didn't feel like putting in a tampon so soon before bedtime (and I also wanted to observe my flow carefully since it's the first period I've had since going off the pill) I wound up flashing my pussy to the viewers in what first appeared to be a very tidy fashion. Until, that is, I started SQUEEZING my pussy muscles and forced out one beautiful red drop. I let it sit there for a minute before I smeared it onto my fingertip, inspected it visually, and then sucked my finger clean. The flavor was perfectly bloody without being overpowering (it was a very minute amount), just a nice taste of salty iron.

No one in the chatroom complained so I took that to be a good sign.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Horniest Part of my Cycle

People (ahem, men) are often curious what part of women's cycles leave us the horniest. It seems to vary from one woman to the next, but I tend to be horniest right BEFORE my period, when I have pre-menstrual syndrome.

When I have PMS I often find myself in a very agitated and angry state of arousal. If I get too stimulated and aroused at this point, I truly get the feeling that I will FREAK OUT if I do not have an orgasm. It's the time of the month when I feel the most like rough sex, and I don't mean that *I* want to be treated roughly, but that I want to treat my lover roughly.

Now that I'm on the pill my "cycle" is pretty much nonexistent since the pill regulates your hormones so there aren't real cyclical fluctuations. As a result, I don't notice a real difference from one week to the next. During the "off" week when I'm flowing and not taking any pills, I do seem to initiate sex more often, usually after the first couple of days when I'm not really flowing. Then when we fuck I start bleeding again, often a bright red. I wonder what kind of chemical reaction my boyfriend's semen has inside me with my menstrual fluid and if that is what causes the blood to look so "fresh" and almost koolaid colored? Other times, if I really am at the end of my period days the combination of his cum and my scanty residual uterine debris is really gross looking with a few blobs of beige floating in a limpid puddle of spooge.

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