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Friday, August 10, 2007

Surprise Tampon Cam!

The other day while I browsed the voyeur cams on Rude, I spotted a tampon-insertion show IN PROGRESS!! It was a lucky accident, I am telling you, so I immediately captured a handful of screen shots to prove it REALLY HAPPENED:

inserting tampon with plastic applicator

live tampon webcam show

tampon video

stuffing in tampon

tampon string

pantyhose tampon string

It's too bad the girl doing it wasn't actually menstruating (she was fulfilling a private-show viewer's request) since I hate seeing tampons stuffed into a pussy with no fluid to absorb, but obviously she's an accommodating camgirl when she's being paid, plus she was really nice to those of us watching on her live house cam. You can search for her there under the name "CamGirlKitten".

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Pee Video with Tampon Insertion

I was browsing Clips4Sale and found this store which has a 15 minute getting-ready type of video which includes pantyhose, peeing and tampon insertion. The name of the video clip is "After Work Meeting".

Although blood is off-limits at Clips4Sale, it seems they used to have a tampon category which is still visible to store owners, but not in the list of categories viewable to surfers. It seems like tampons are one of those grey areas that the payment processors will turn a blind eye to even if it's a period reference AS LONG AS you don't show any red fluid. On the one hand, it only makes sense to be able to show tampons in a pussy considering that everything else is legit to stick up there in porn (except for all five fingers), but on the other hand it bugs me to see tampons used in what often appear to be dry pussy. That's really not cool, and once again shows that none of these bizarre and ridiculous obscenity standards have a damned thing to do with what is healthy or normal.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kayla & Strangers in the Fem. Aisle

Here's a little grocery store story from Kayla.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Clips from Period Porn Movies

Have you seen these yet?

From "Rag Dolls":
Bespectacled pussylicker pulls tampon out of pigtailed babe
Hmmmm. . . but is she really menstruating? Oh well, the hysterical audio track alone is worth the time spent watching it.

Tampon string and anal sex with big black guy
Sorry, but I couldn't watch too much of this due to the painful sight of her hemmorhoids popping in and out with each stroke.

More stringy anal with a very cute blonde in braids

Oh my god, that tampon string looks like it's been soaked in Santorum.

Paris Hilton look-alike shows off her string and sucks cock
Hmmm. . . I'm beginning to think there's not any actual red fluid in any of these clips.

Two cute girls, tampon string, and ass-fingering

Tampon-sucking dude reinserts Dracula's teabag after slurping on it
Again, the audio track is classic.

Tampon Gag
This has nothing to do with menstruation and everything to do with degrading stupidity. Just . . . STUPID.

Whatever. Anyway, you can see the entire movie by clicking on the links from those galleries or just go straight to AEBN and look up your favorite keyword (menstruation?) to find more videos that suit your interests. I hope they deliver more than those clips.

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