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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Periods & Pain Sensitivity

It's just an off-hand remark with a non-period pic, but Dacia's started right before she got work done on her tattoo and she thinks that's very bad timing.

I seriously believe that in preparation for your period, your blood thins. I don't know if I've ever read that being the case or not, but before my period starts my nose starts getting bloody (I don't get bloody noses, my boogers just get blood in them) and my gums are more likely to bleed. Maybe an increased susceptibility to bruising goes along with that?

Any women who've noticed something like that or anyone who can provide links backing this up (or directly refuting it) please comment. I also wonder if Dacia bled more while she was being needled or if it just HURT more.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feminine Hygiene Song

Here's a little ditty delivered via YouTube about ads for products aimed at cleaning up women's bodies: Feminine Hygiene Song.

Yes, it's totally offensive -- almost as offensive as the products mentioned and the way they're portrayed. For once the comments actually have a couple interesting viewpoints. I left a comment saying, "I can see how it's funny and it's not a comedian's job to be sensitive or politically correct, but as a woman watching it just adds insult to injury; not only do we have these fucked-up products and ads shoved in our faces, but we also have to put up with men expressing their disgust and contempt for our bodies and emotions."

While I consider the guy's delivery entertaining and mildly witty, on a personal level what I feel inside watching him sing and express that shit is pure venemous hatred. I think the REASON I feel hate is because the song itself is an ugly expression of hatred. That's part of effective comedy, I think: to get as many people in the room feeling that they're joined together in hating another group of people. Like, oh yeah! I can totally relate to your feelings of hatred and disgust! In this case, for women's apparently smelly, nasty cunts and our supposed delight in talking about them, buying special products to treat them, and shoving it all into grossed-out men's faces until they want to hurl.

Question: do you know how many women in this world are still washing grown men's shitstains out of their underwear and off the sheets with the men oblivious to the trail of feces they leave on everything? You won't see any commercials about it, but I know there are more women putting up with the human grossness and childish shamelessness/ignorance of men's bodies than there are men who wash our bloodstains out of our panties. And why do most women get yeast infections? Because of MEN and their dicks. Because of shame (I must scrub it and bathe it in perfume!). Because of ignorance, poor labeling and lack of options (glycerin/sugar in almost all popular lubricants). Seriously, watching this video gives me a deep desire to make men feel at least a small portion of the shame women have foisted upon them from every fucking corner. Not because I think people should feel ashamed of their bodies or bodily functions, but because you shouldn't get off scot free when you perpetuate and disseminate shame-bringing messages.

Of course I realize I know nothing about this comedian personally and understand that telling a joke is sometimes an experiment in perspective, not necessarily an accurate expression of personal opinion; he could be a really swell guy. Still, my immediate gut level reaction is hatred. I don't think it comes from nowhere; I think it's a natural defense mechanism when you hear someone snarling insults at you, making barfing sounds as a reaction to thoughts of your genitals and saying they don't want to hear about you and your ilk's experiences. Shut the fuck up and get a hysterectomy. Oh, I know he said the ads should get a hysterectomy, but I have heard a man talk about how cool he thought it was when his wife got cancer and had to have a radical hysterectomy at a relatively young age because then *he* didn't have to deal with her disgusting periods anymore! My apologies if I take offense when people act like our organs are disposable bits of rancid garbage only there for men's amusement or annoyance. If I sang a song about amputating peckers I don't think anyone would get a big chuckle out of it.

Seriously, you don't think we get sick of hearing about your dicks? Someone should point out that we hear more about your cocks around the clock than you hear about our "feminine needs". Give me a break, you're sick of hearing about our twats. If we talked about them HALF as much as you talk about your precious wieners it might then be a little excessive. Hell, if we talked about our twats half as much as YOU talk about our twats you might then have something to complain about. But we don't. So watch your own fucking mouths.

All ranting aside, on a rational level I understand why many men are nauseated by and afraid of women. All I have to say is that sometimes the feeling is mutual. If you are a man and that sentiment bothers you, complain to your fellow men to stick a sock in it next time you hear them ribbing each other good-naturedly over their last experience with "stinky fish taco", etc. They're the ones generating the ill will -- it's not coming at you guys out of nowhere. Men have a choice; they can stop being insulting shitheads or they can keep congratulating each other over their insulting jokes about our bodies and hormones and suffer our wrath in return. If you think it's all very funny, fine. But don't expect me or other women to giggle along with you like it's all perfectly harmless fun.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Glory Be!

My period just started this morning.

Looks like Goddess Glory and I are flowing together; she describes her cramps and treatment of them HERE.

We're babysitting my nephew so I doubt we'll be able to shoot any content this time around, but I do have an hour-long webcam show scheduled tomorrow (Sunday, August 26th, noon Pacific Time) for members of my main site, TastyTrixie.com. If you can make it, you'll probably get to see me masturbating and menstruating at the same time towards the second half of the show. Members will want to go to the LIVE SHOWS page for access.

I did have some pretty strong cramps this morning, but they passed fairly quickly so I only had to endure about a half hour of grunt-worthy pain. I feel pretty splendid now, very warm and buzzy.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Have a Happy Period?

Hmmm . . . I've mixed feelings about this jokey rant:

An open letter written to the brand manager of Proctor andGamble - (Maker of Always Maxi Pads)

While I agree that the people marketing fem. products are off their rockers and deserve to be set straight, I really think the person who wrote this rant is a man trying to impress a woman, but doing a damned poor job of it; MENSTRUATION should not be confused with PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME.

All of those violent symptoms, mood swings, and bloating are things women experience BEFORE their periods start, and for me and every woman I've ever known, they pretty much disappear when our periods begin (making way for the cramps and sometimes fatigue).

It actually *is* possible to have a happy period. Most people who have bad PMS *do* have happy periods because they are relieved of all those bad PMS symptoms. It's a relief. A lot of us also use our periods as excuses to baby ourselves. We wear stained panties, lay in bed with our hot water bottles, permit ourselves extra sleep, and treat ourselves to red meat and spinach to replenish our iron stores. While I've had many painful periods, I don't know that they've ever been "unhappy".

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wax on, Wax off

Oooh! I just checked my stats and noticed that THE Jamye Waxman mentioned BloodyTrixie!
Before you click, ask yourself, do I like blood with my porn? If the answer is no, then my best advice is don't go here. I haven't paid to see more pics btw, just been mesmerized by her home page - in other words, I know nothing more about the site. However, it has made me think about my relationship with blood and sex and how, although having my period hasn't stopped me from having sex, how I've thought about things differently during that time of the month, and how maybe I shouldn't (think differently about being sexy when I'm bleeding). Because menstruating is a natural, beautiful, feminine thing.

Just like me.

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Kayla & Strangers in the Fem. Aisle

Here's a little grocery store story from Kayla.

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