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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Menstruation Meetups

Hmmmm . . . this would be fun:

Find Menstruation Groups Near You - Meetup.com

Well, it would be fun for me. But it would probably not be fun for most women if a bunch of male menstruation fetishists showed up. Though it might make for a comical skit or something (that's skit, not scat).

I can imagine the menstruation meetup being sabotaged by me for posting this link on my menstruation fetish site. Sigh. So PLEASE don't stalk the menstruation celebration, boys, if there is one near you.

Period on the Pill: Month 2

After last month's dud of a period, I was concerned my flow might be decreased so significantly by the birth control pill that I'd have to retire myself from making bloody content. Fortunately, my period started yesterday and it appears to be back in fine form, richly soaking tampons and spattering my panties.

Yesterday I cancelled my show for today, worried that if I promised a bloody show it wouldn't materialize, and that if I *didn't* promise a bloody show I would wind up dumping a deluge of red stuff on unsuspecting viewers. I guess I could put it back on the schedule, but I need a break. I'll definitely shoot some tampon stuff tonight though, as a member pointed out that I don't have any tampon insertion or removal videos.

The great news (for me, but may be irrelevant to menstruation fetishists) is that the pill has really reduced my PMS and mood swings so much, I feel SO relieved. It still hasn't totally regulated the day my period starts, though, as it should have started on Saturday, but didn't come until Monday. I hope this gets sorted out so that I can reliably plan on shooting bloody content and doing bloody shows.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Menstrually Modified Barbie

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

WebWhores Should organize a "Bleed-In"

Starbucks is not the only place that has discriminated against breastfeeding mothers, but there's a movement across the country to protest Starbucks' policy (or non-policy) against publicly breasfeeding in their coffee joints. Women are organizing "nurse-ins", where they descend en masse onto Starbucks coffee houses, tits and kids in hands, and bare their milk-making organs.

Inspired by the story of breastfeeding mothers, I thought . . . why can't pornographers and webwhores do the same thing to protest the banks, the credit card companies, and the processors who think menstruation is too "obscene" to be depicted sexually? What if we organized a bleed-in?

Picture it, if every porn site and every magazine exhibited a photo set including a menstruating woman . . . what would happen? Would the banks and credit card companies just stop taking money from porn altogether? Or would they have to change their policies?

Or. Would it be just the excuse neocons and dumbasses could jump on to lambast porn as a gross and ungodly perversion of nature, and throw us all into jail? Lord only knows they've imprisoned people for lesser offenses . . .

In spite of popular misconceptions, the porn industry is NOT the huge money-maker everyone imagines. Credit card companies wouldn't cry over the missed revenue, because it's really a very insignificant percentage of transactions, while being a disproportionately high percentage of their chargebacks, since our society encourages people to think of any type of sex-for-money, even if it's paying for months of access to digital images and video, as wrong and a cheat. As long as society paints sex workers as criminals and pornographers as extortionist scum, customers will continue to think we don't "deserve" payment for our work. Whether that results in a customer telling his bank he shouldn't have to pay for the porn he jacked off to, or a john assaulting or killing a whore . . . it really boils down to the same sickness and stupidity. But I digress.

My POINT is, a bleed-in might not be as successful as a nurse-in. The difference is that the general public, while they may be uncomfortable with naked boobies, STILL supports breeding and (the idea of) motherhood and aren't about to go one step further and say "mothers are disgusting -- I *told* you we should get rid of them!" On the other hand, the general public is not only uncomfortable with bloody pussy . . . they also allow themselves to be publicly represented by conservatives as vehemently opposed to porn. A vocal bunch of puritanical fucktards would like nothing better than for us to add fuel to their hellfire and brimstone bonfire, their damnation dance around graphic depictions of sex, by publicizing taboo images of bloody cunts. But in both cases? The championing of "motherhood" while being disgusted with mothers' bodies AND the disgust with our natural cycles of messiness? It boils down to the same misogynistic bullshit.

Furthermore, many (not all, but many) pornographers (especially web"masters" in the internet porn industry) are stupid men who fear the pussy (and women) themselves, and I wouldn't count on any kind of solidarity from that crew of dumb fucks. Still, a bleed-in is an interesting idea . . .

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Pill: Month 1

I'm on day 28 of the pill today, starting my second pack tomorrow.

The main reason I am now on hormonal birth control? PMS. It was becoming intolerable and disturbing, and I wanted to see if birth control would diminish the premenstrual "syndrome" symptoms the way it seems to for so many other women. I have been having a really hard time with it the past year, to the point where I would seriously want to kill myself if I weren't aware of the cause (hormones fluctuating) of so much bad feeling and insane mood swings. It might be too soon to tell, but the pill really did seem to help reduce the emotional craziness. Then again, I had a very short cycle since I began taking the pills on the same day my period started, which means my period started a week early cutting the whole PMS ordeal shorter than it has ever been. Next month will be a better test of the effect of the pill on my moodiness.

It will also be interesting to see what kind of an effect the pill will have on content-production for the members area of this site. On the plus side, my cycle will be predictable on the pill so I'll be able to schedule shoots and shows. Before there was so much guesswork, and we often had already made plans by the time my period started and wouldn't even be home during my heavy flow days making it impossible to shoot any good pics or videos. Also a plus: I should have less cramps making me FEEL more like shooting and doing shows while menstruating.

On the potentially negative side, the pill could really reduce the volume of my flow, which hasn't been very . . . ummm . . . voluminous(?) the past few years anyway. This could reduce my ONE heavy-flow day down to ZERO heavy flow days. If this period I just had/am having is any indication, I won't be able to shoot ANY good content as I've barely flowed at all; I planned a show on Tuesday with a white dildo, and there was barely any blood on it to speak of, and even that was a stringy consistency and dark purple rather than red. I *hope* it was so light just because my cycle was shortened this month, and that it will go back to some kind of normalcy next month. If not, my members area will have to take a different direction or I'll have to rethink the pill. But first I need to give myself a chance to see if it's actually beneficial to me to stay on it.

Of course, BIRTH CONTROL is also a factor in making a decision. Tucker and I have been using the withdrawal method for three years now, which seems to be working just fine but I'm getting to the point where I'm less open to the possibility of an accidental pregnancy. The moment I took the first pill, I felt a small but noticeable weight being lifted just knowing that there was no risk involved anymore (assuming I take the pills religiously, which I have been doing except for this week in which I take none).

It would actually be a really nice break for my body to skip a few periods, so if my flow dries up to next-to-nothing, I will probably take a break from shooting period content, write some stories, solicit some guest content, and skip bleeding for a few months. About ten years ago I was on Depo-Provera (the shot) because I had such horrible cramps -- the shot stopped my periods and it was really great . . . until it wasn't anymore and I wanted my body back to a more "natural" state. After ten years of bleeding, I owe it to my body to give it another vacation.

Don't get me wrong, I really love having my period. Even the cramps are sometimes welcome. But the whole thing is a pretty exhausting, draining (literally) process. And hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Don't start worrying yet though . . . I am not at all sure I'll take the break from menstruating, and even if I do . . . members may not even notice it at all depending upon how carefully I plan it.