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EroticRed - ADULTS ONLY!
A new project from my good friend FurryGirl that will feature lots of menstruating women. I'll wager Erotic Red will become the very best menstruation site on the entire internet.

See Candy Bleed - ADULTS ONLY!
Candy's free homemade site exploring and redefining sexuality, menstruation, and the intersection between the two. Photos, blog, and forum.

Big Tuna's Monthly Menu - warning: VERY GRAPHIC - ADULTS ONLY!
A true menstruation fetishist AND a true friend, he's been interviewed in Hustler and has the most comprehensive compilation of red content online, including some guest galleries he commissioned of me!

On My Period - ADULTS ONLY!
May Ling Su's beautiful, wise, feminist, and erotic website. She describes it as her "personal celebration of the feminine flow through photographs and videos". A fantastic resource and an original piece of work.

Fetish Links:
LotzaFetish - linklist - ADULTS ONLY!
Links to websites with pregnant women, hairy chicks, pissing girls, bizarre insertions, bondage, messy play, and more.

CertifiedFetish - linklist - ADULTS ONLY!
See what sites are certified fetish!

FetishBank - linklist - ADULTS ONLY!
Lots of fetishes listed, including a whole page of menstruation sites.

Menstruation Sluts - paysite - ADULTS ONLY!
Highly explicit and exploitative, they offer free sample pics and videos representing the content inside their members area. It's way over-the-top and obnoxious but you might like it even if it's not MY style.

Museum of Menstruation & Women's Health
"Discover the rich history of menstruation and women's health on this Web site." I love! Includes a forum asking, "would you stop menstruating if you could?" and much more!

Reusable cotton pads, cups, sponges and more personal products. The site also includes "menstrual musings" and a comprehensive linklist. I myself wear gladrags (when I'm not just bleeding into my panties or an old sock).

Washable pads, padded panties & more nondisposable personal products including hankies! Lots of extras at this site too.

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