About Me (Profile of a Menstruating WebWhore!):

I'm Trixie, an all-natural college-educated woman in my thirties. I've been a "webwhore" since I began doing live camshows on iFriends in 2000. I've wanted to work in the sex industry for as long as I can remember.

As an independent porn producer I enjoy lots of variety in my work days & nights doing writing, web design, chatting with fans, blogging, shooting pictures, masturbating, fucking and more. The best part of running my business? I serve my own values by sharing honest, fun, kinky, and challenging portrayals of human sexuality with a worldwide audience. It's very rewarding to prove that a woman doesn't have to fake orgasm, wax her asscrack, or buy thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgery to inspire other people to get off.

I love picking, touching, smelling, inspecting, and probing my body and other people's bodies. I like my body and am constantly fascinated by the way it operates - this site is an outgrowth of that fascination and a rejection of bizarre cultural norms that deem natural healthy bodily functions "obscene".

To find out more about me, check out my other website, to spy on me at home and see me during the other days of the month!


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