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Can I buy your used panties, pads, tampons, etc.?
I absolutely do NOT sell underwear or bloody ephemera. Selling and shipping items with bodily fluids is too risky from a legal standpoint. Additionally, the amount of money people offer to buy these things is not enough to interest me and compensate me for the time and risks involved. Furthermore, the quality of these "products" degrades too much in transport. Even if I wanted to sell these things and a price could be agreed upon, it's against every payment processor's terms of service to make such transactions. Check out ebanned to buy from someone else.

Can I get a custom video of you?
At this time I do not do custom orders for many of the same reasons listed above (lack of suitable payment processor, not cost effective for me, etc.). You are welcome to share your fantasies or wishes with me via email (Trixie[AT]BloodyTrixie[DOT]com). I can't promise to integrate your interests into a shoot but I'm always curious about what turns others on. :)

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