Your curiosity is just as NATURAL as my period!!

Your arrival (along with thousands of other visitors' arrivals) at signifies one thing: people are curious about menstruation.

A few people who come here are dyed-in-the-wool fetishists who've already admitted to themselves they have a taste for blood. but the majority of people have never even SEEN a woman boldly bleeding and sharing it with the world. Most people who find themselves here are just plain curious. "Modern" civilization still views women's cycles with a prehistoric degree of disgust and ignorance, shrouding our periods in shame and secrecy as something to be invisibly absorbed then hauled away to rot in a landfill. It's no wonder that your arrival here is probably your first time being invited to INSPECT a woman's bloody vulva up close.

Regardless of your gender, it's natural for you to be curious about this taboo time of the month. Permit yourself to look around and consider the role menstruation plays in your own sexuality.
-Trixie, June 24th, 2004


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