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Monday, August 21, 2006

Nailed & Recharged

On Wednesday, the 16th, my sister and I decided to get our nails done in Seattle at one of the numerous little asian-run nail salons. I *knew* my period was due to start soon so we stopped at the store for some pantyliners after an extensive debate about whether or not to put a pad on BEFORE it started, knowing it may come at an inopportune time when you couldn't get up and put a pad on, or WAIT. I myself hate putting one on before I absolutely have to; if it doesn't come for hours you wind up with a trashed and wasted pad, and bulk for no reason. After all, it *is* summer.

Anyway, the first thing I did when we got to the nail salon was take my new plastic-bag clad box of pantyliners (a generic brand) into their bathroom to ward off an accident. Lo and behold, my period had JUST STARTED so I put on a *real* pad and discovered they were out of toilet paper. I had to wipe this month's first blood off with a harsh paper towel. Sigh.

When my manicure girl started to make small talk with me in broken english, asking how I was doing, I almost told her, "my period just started." I decided against it even though I was very curious how she would respond.


Yesterday I had no flow to speak of, just some mauve-tinted snotty stuff, until last night, when Tucker and I had a goodbye fuck (he's going to be gone for three nights on a backpacking trip) which recharged my period. Lube, his come, and my period mixed together for some comfortingly warm goo that's still leaking out of me today.