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Thursday, May 11, 2006


tampon art
Full Gallery appearing now in my Members-Only area.

Full Gallery appearing now in my Members-Only area.

I know, for those of you keeping an eye on the members area of BloodyTrixie, it may seem as though I've abandoned ship. That's not the case, it's more like I've put BT in a medically-induced coma since I lost Verotel as a payment processor. It's not that I don't care about this project, it's simply that I have to focus on more profitable ventures until I am in a more stable financial situation.

I do continue to shoot red content, think about stories and blog entries to make, and make plans for new shoots . . . it's just that I've had to allow other things (our main sites, TastyTrixie, TrixiesHouseboy, DeliaCD and SpyOnUs) to consume more of my energy and to put BT on the back burner for awhile. When you can't do it all, I think you need to do what brings home the bacon and BloodyTrixie ain't it. Now when I have a little more "bacon" and a reserve of "lettuce" I will be back in full force (if not before then). Thanks for your patience and continued interest. I'll soon try to respond to some of these nice comments you've left on past entries, too . . .

Anyway, the above photos are from a gallery I just posted that I actually shot back in February. When I started shooting red stuff I didn't anticipate how much I'd *love* photos of my tampons, but I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how pretty they are as objects of art.