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Friday, April 28, 2006

Fake Flow

My friend FurryGirl of EroticRed.com made this much-needed guide to spotting artificial period-porn featuring tampons: How to Tell a Fake Used Tampon from a Real One.


My period started on Wednesday; I spent much of Thursday in bed nursing mild cramps before performing a camshow which wound up being quite messy. After my orgasms huge purple lumps of slippery menstrual chunks glistened from my hole. It was rich and sloppy, and only one viewer expressed disgust. I at least anticipated people showing up mid-show without any warning that menstrual fluid would be present and asking me to account for the brownish-red stuff smeared all over my cunt and thighs. I have to admit, if I were a guy and had never been exposed to that kind of sight before I might be horrified to see it on my monitor if I were completely unprepared for it. Considering that so many guys (and/or their female partners) refuse to have sex when chicks are on the rag AND considering that so many guys are completely ignorant of the process, I really anticipated more fallout from yesterday's show. I should feel blessedly relieved that it was smooth pleasant sailing, but I feared that people did feel freaked out and simply left without expressing it (which is the polite thing to do, and I appreciate it if that's what happened, but I'm still curious how the sight of my bloody snatch impacted some of these people's ideas of women and women's bodies).

Anyway, I have the show archived for posterity and will be adding it to the members area (along with many other less-messy archived period shows) one of these days.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Too Stupid for Words

During my last period I extracted a tampon and realized I'd LEFT plastic on its tip. Yup, removed *almost* all of the clear plastic before I stuck it in; no wonder its absorptive powers were diminished.

I really didn't like the idea that I had sharp (albeit thin wispy) plastic near my cervix, but no harm seems to have come from it.

You know, this actually isn't as stupid as I initially thought; maybe they should wrap the tampons in tinted plastic so you can tell whether or not you've removed all of it. The plastic rips apart so it could actually be very easy to do this, and not just a completely careless stupid mistake, especially considering that you're not supposed to TOUCH the tip of a tampon before you insert it. I suppose that dying the plastic an organic tampon is wrapped in would pretty much contradict the whole organic principle, though. I wonder if gentian violet would work? It's good for pussy . . .