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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Here are some more moronic opinions on another message board about how sick and wrong I am: "Oh, and have any of you ever checked out Bloody Trixie? That's wrong too. The actual concept of it is wrong as well. That will turn anybody, boys and girls alike."Hmmm. . . I can't figure out what FHM stands for to figure out who did a feature on "it" and at least mentioned my site. It couldn't be the big Maximlike magazine, could it?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Link to BloodyTrixie on Message Boards! GUARANTEED TO DISGUST!

I should start advertising BloodyTrixie.com as "guaranteed to disgust all of your internet friends!!" Pretty much every time I check my stats I find a message board with a thread linking to me as some sort of ultimate gross-out.

Here's the latest (link to me is on the second page in which I or menstrual sex is described as "fucking grim". The predictable tolerant-but-disgusted comparison of menstrual fluid to feces is on the third page. "I know menstruation is natural but so is shit and I don't want to wallow in THAT, now do I?!?"

It constantly frightens me when people equate what comes out of their assholes to what comes out of a woman's vagina. The idiocy of such a comparison truly FRIGHTENS me.

I'm also constantly surprised by how much this sweet g-rated picture of me with some blood on my panties can DISGUST people. I truly do not understand this. It boggles my fucking mind that anyone could look at that and think it's the same as someone shitting their pants and showing it off.

Fortunately one person did speak some sense (and flattery) on the third page, and even made it sound as if her boyfriend was already familiar with my non-bloody site, TastyTrixie.com (which is ONLY non-bloody because of my payment processor's ban on menstrual content). So few people in the world know about me that I'm kind of astonished anyone on that board had already heard of me.

It's "funny" to imagine people who complain about menstrual fluid making the same complaints about blood and gore in violent movies. Can you imagine it? "I know it's natural to bleed when someone stabs or shoots you a dozen times, but did they really have to show the blood oozing from the wounds?" Have you ever heard someone say such a thing? Or wow, could you imagine people complaining the same way about ejaculate? "I know it's natural to spurt semen when climaxing, but it's the kind of thing I'd prefer to keep private and hidden like a skidmark or turdlet in my Hanes. My sex partners shouldn't have to encounter my disgusting spooge!"

It all really boils down to people being afraid of the cunt. Shocked, sickened and disgusted by the array of fluids that women produce. And too many guys lacking the imagination to conceive of it except by comparing it to their own bowel movements. Sorry guys, I know you think your daily grunts are a really big deal, but that doesn't mean you have a clue about periods, okay? I understand if it freaks you out to see blood on your dick, but GROW THE FUCK UP and deal with it (unless you never ever EVER want to shoot your load anywhere in or near another person's body). And as for WOMEN who think their periods are like "poo-poo"? The amount of resentment and pity I feel towards you and your fucked-up perception of your body is immeasurable.

I usually like "cum", I don't understand people who are afraid to swallow, but I do understand if people don't want it on their faces or in their mouths. In the same way, I understand if people don't want menstrual fluid in their mouths or on their faces. But anywhere else? Cum is not going to burn through your skin on contact and neither is menstrual fluid. GROW UP or go live in a bubble and give up physical contact with other human beings. Unless of course you avoid other people's fluids for safe sex reasons, which is totally understandable. I do feel compelled to point out though that a man's ejaculate has a much higher chance of harming a woman's vagina than menstrual fluid has of harming a man's dick. Let me also remind you that menstrual fluid is not blood, though it does have blood in it.

I really want this site to be a positive experience, both for me and for surfers. But truthfully it has been the most depressing project I've worked on since my entre into internet porn. Actually make that the ONLY depressing project I've worked on. I'm not saying its been completely devoid of positive moments or that I wish to give it up, but I do need to take breaks from it. I have encountered so much craziness, ignorance, revulsion, bitterness, irrationality, and opinions that are so FAR from my own that I often find myself bewildered, angry, alienated, and almost hopeless in relation to the whole menstruation-in-porn subject. I suppose the problem is a lot wider than the narrow scope of BloodyTrixie.com, but it's shouldered the burden of symbolizing all that's wrong and crazy about people's fucked up attitudes and ideas about porn and about women. When I had to shift all of my bloody content off of my main site and put it in this separate place, it took all of the baggage of fucked-upedness with it. This is what happens when you marginalize people and stigmatize something -- you end up concentrating that stigmata or object of discrimination in one place where it morphs into something perverted, back-alley, and totally unrecognizable from its natural state because you've REMOVED it from its context. That's how all that gay hanky bullshit started.

I don't want my period to be a gay hanky, but that's what its turned into. It's like I'm part of some weird little subculture of perversion that all the straight people mock, criticize, and/or vomit upon. It's so confusing to me that I should feel part of some obscene fringe group when OVER HALF OF THE POPULATION should be WITH me on this!! Jesus!

On the other hand, I have to admit that I've participated in hankyfying menstruation by catering to fetishists and offering skewed and exaggerated depictions of my period for their benefit. And hey, for my own benefit too. Because the more marginalized I feel, the more offensive I want to be. The more people are bothered by simple, mundane and natural depictions of periods, the more I want to say, "oh! You think THAT'S disgusting? LET ME GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!! You want to see "offensive" and "obscene"? LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING THAT WILL *REALLY* TURN YOUR STOMACH AND OFFEND YOUR DELICATE SENSIBILITIES!".

You don't have to want to fuck while you're on the rag or want to have pictures of you bleeding on the internet. You don't have to paint yourself with your blood and dance under the full moon. I'm only expecting you to not act like it's disgusting to do so. I can't believe there are so many women breeding and all excited about having babies, and there are so few women who seem comfortable with sex and/or menstruation. MIND-BOGGLING.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Mischa Barton Sees Red"

Here are a few pics of a literal celebrity spotting: Celebrity Smack!: Mischa Barton Sees Red

I "love" the blogger's commentary at the end: "She is just nasty. Dirty and nasty."

For one thing, I am not all that fond of publicly ridiculing celebrities. For another thing, what exactly is dirty and nasty about Mischa Barton? Is the blogger referring simply to her "accident"? Does simply having a period in white pants makes a woman dirty and nasty, or did she offend this person's delicate sensibilities in other ways as well in order to earn those derisive descriptors?

Here is another blogger's commentary with before and after pics. "Distasteful". Yes, it is in SUCH bad taste to be outed as an adult woman with functioning organs. It's in such bad taste that she didn't just STAY HOME, sequestered, for the duration of her menses. It's extremely distasteful that she did not carry a trench coat or something in the LA heat in order to be prepared for such an occurrence. And isn't it "funny"? It's SO FUNNY!! Hardy har har! There's just nothing funnier than seeing a woman humiliated!

It's actually "funny" that the blogger referred to Mischa's "heavy flow". She has a couple tiny droplets of blood. That's indicative of a heavy flow? Get real. Her tampon got full and she didn't have room in those tight pants for a liner.

A few people on a menstruation fetish board theorized that it was blood from a nosebleed, too "red" to be menstrual fluid, and the spots too round, uniform, and oddly placed. Here was my response:
I think it could definitely be real period spots. For me, the color and consistency varies a lot from one day to the next, and can be very red, not brownish, particularly on heavy-flow days.

The nosebleed theory makes sense, but I can also see it being a tampon accident -- she doesn't have enough room in those pants for a liner or pad, thought she'd be safe with her tampon, and stayed out a little too long. I have gotten round droplets of accident like that before. Also, I've taken out really full tampons before, and they've "swung" as I pulled them out of my pussy, catapulting blood onto my pulled-down pants and/or panties. That kind of spatter is often round. Additionally, if she still had a tampon in, the string could have been soaked and just peeking out a bit and moving around a little to deposit spots.
Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. I *want* to see open signs of menstruation.