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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm a Crayola Reject

I usually try to resist blog fillers like this, but DAMN . . . how right on is this?

You are

Journal Entry from 1999

I just wandered across this journal entry I made back in April of 1999, when the Instead cup was a very new thing:
I feel as though I just did something wonderfully witchy and secretive: I chucked my half-full of blood & tissue “Instead” cup into the watering pitcher, diluted my blood with water, and went outside and poured it all over sweet peas, pansies, geranium, and ferns. I have been looking forward to doing that and now finally have followed this strange suggestion to give my nutrients to the earth. With a couple smears of blood on the outside of the watering pitcher, I felt like a murderess disposing of evidence and felt power while pouring it out at dusk for passersby to ignorantly neglect to notice. Amazing.

Too bad I lost some of the richness to the toilet when I was trying to remove the damn thing: it gushed all over my hand but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the hot thick stickiness.

I can’t wait to see whether or not the plants will really like it. One fern’s fiddleheads are cloaked in a shroud of tissue that wouldn’t wash away. I didn’t feel like plucking it off so I left it. Hope it won’t draw all the neighborhood animals to rip up the plant.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Uterus Debris

Full Gallery appearing in my Members-Only area now.
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I'm curious how members will respond to this gallery -- I don't think it's jack off material, and I have never heard of anyone specifically fetishizing big chunks of endometrial lining, so really -- this gallery is one of those "for me" things, born of annoyance at people who call such things "clots" (menstrual fluid DOESN'T clot) and of awe -- I love the colors, and I love that my body does this incredible thing every month.

I'd love to write about this extensively, but I have to finish an update for TastyTrixie.com too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Period Started

I'm still really enjoying being on the pill, though I've forgotten to take it a handful of times (I need to get a better handle on that -- maybe next time I'll get the packs with the iron pills so I can stay in the habit of taking the pill EVERY single night instead of forgetting about it while I'm on the rag). Anyway, I love being able to say, "my period is going to start Monday (or today or whatever)."

So yeah -- my period started yesterday / last night. I've been mildly crampy today and not at peak performance because I lost over an hour of sleep last night that I could really have used.

I've got a couple of updates in the queue for BloodyTrixie Ticketholders that I will post simultaneously as soon as they're finished (tomorrow I hope). One is a video and the other is a photo gallery with audio. I'll say no more and let it be a surprise.

Anyway, we were on a road trip for over two weeks and still are trying to catch up from that so expect to see a "make-up" post or two for ticketholders and then back to the regularly scheduled events! ;-)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Menstruating Strippers

"The night was turning out to be slow, so everyone offered their humiliating stripping menstruation stories."
Read the entire entry.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Plus-Sized Pads

This woman is a little oversensitive about the creation and marketing of pads for the plus-size crowd:
"Are they trying to imply that because I'm larger than a size six that, somehow, my vagina is 'larger' and I need 'more coverage'? That's ridiculous. Does that mean that all those uber-skinny mini stars on TV need to cut a maxi pad in half because their vagina is so damn 'tiny'? . . . Watch out folks, over half the population of women in the US are over a size fourteen. That's a whole lot of enormous vaginas just walking around and they're heading your way."
First of all, A pad doesn't go in your "vagina", it sits in your panties. If you think the asscrack (you know, where all the blood runs if you're laying down?) on a size six woman is the same size as the asscrack on a size 16 woman, you're really fooling yourself.

We don't wear the same size underwear, do we? So of course there should be different sized pads for different sized people. As someone who is petite (5'2", size five/six) I resent having to wear stuff that's too big for me (see instead cup rant). I *have* had pads be too big. For example, "lightdays" pantyliners actually CUT INTO my thighs -- they're very thin and sharp and I've wound up with paper cuts on my inner thighs from them because I'm simply not wide enough for their stupid silhouette.

It's ludicrous for someone to get offended by the truth that we are NOT all the same size. It really doesn't mean you have a monster pussy if you might be better served by a larger maxi pad. I'm not sure how this woman would even be qualified to comment since she basically conceded that she prefers tampons and softcups to pads.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Navajo Menarche Ritual

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Period Irregularity at the Pussy Ranch

Diablo Cody blogs about her period:
"Recently, after ten years of Swatch-like regularity, my period decided it wanted to start coming a day earlier than usual. This would be find if it also ended a day earlier, but no such luck. So now I get an extra day of crimson joy each month. Meanwhile, my dog keeps tearing apart the bathroom wastebasket in search of delicious spent tampons. If you thought my house was unhygienic before, what with the pets and the child and the laziness, get ready for a whole new world of scatalogical ooginess! That's not Vamp on my nails, kids."

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dacia's Quarterly Period Post