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Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Funny" Vagina Story

From The Big Vagina's Stories Page:
"My boyfriend and I were in my room one afternoon, feeling rather frisky. The only problem was that I was on my period - but we decided to have sex anyways. When we were finished I tried to turn over and I had a vaginal fart! (I'm assuming this was because of my period since this has never happened before.) Each time I moved, my vagina made a squishy/fart noise. The noises continued for about ten minutes. It was pretty embarrassing. But my boyfriend was nice about it, and we laughed for a long time. :)"
Pussy is definitely noisier when it's really really wet, but I've never noticed a tendency to "pussy fart" more when I'm on the rag. For me the queeb (or queef) phenomenon is brought on by getting into certain positions during sex that allow more air to be forced into the vagina, and then moving into a position that forces the air back out. Obviously it would be louder and "nastier" sounding with a bunch of menstrual goo rattling around in there too, but the same can be said of a guy's spooge. I sure as hell can't fathom any pussy-fart lasting for ten minutes.

Clean Sheets Goes with the Flow

Here's a nice commentary on getting over period sex hangups with some good tips and testimonials:

Going with the flow:
"Still, it seems some people find sex while menstruating odd, extreme, even freaky. A web search of 'period sex' turns up sites boasting such items as 'incest, fetish, animal' and 'nude tomb raider sex,' along with 'fetish, tampon, maxi pads.'
Come on -- how weird can it be?"
Of course, I'm mystified by the guy who remarked, ". . . the vagina feels less comfortable on the penis so have some KY around or do it in the shower..." What the fuck? I'm not sure how a menstruating vagina would feel uncomfortable on the penis (or how being in the shower would alter that, if it were the case). Bizarre.

I'm not sure what all the hype is about sex in the shower. I don't want to have sex in the shower, especially when I'm on the rag. I want to have it in bed where I can lay my lazy ass DOWN.

Invest in a few "period towels" -- cheap towels to lay on the bed when you're fucking during that time of the month, or just to sit and bleed freely upon when you don't feel like using a pad or tampon or sock or whatever. It's nice to sit on a fluffy absorbent towel and just BLEED.

Friday, April 29, 2005

AskMen.com on Period Sex

It's always interesting to hear how the "straight" (non porn) world responds to the issue of sex during menstruation (considering that menstruation is considered obscene when presented in a pornographic context).

Here's one basic and good answer from the "askmen" site's Sexual Health Advisor:
AskMen.com on sex during menstruation: "Is it okay to engage in vaginal intercourse while my girl simultaneously has her period? How about anal sex?"
I distinctly remember seeing Dr. Ruth answer a similar question on television in the eighties or nineties and wish I could verify her frank answer, which (as I remember it) was, "why not?? It's natural and exciting because it is so WET!" I remember her speaking of it with warmth and enthusiasm.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Virgin Mary Sighted in Maxi Pad

People claim to have seen the visage of the Virgin Mary made manifest in grilled cheese sandwiches, tree bark, and dew on a window. But I wonder how many Catholic women the world over have perceived her in the bloodstains on their panties? It's a beautiful and funny image.

I wish I knew Italian so I could understand this page and find out who the artist is.

Audacia Ray's Bloody Bits

I knew I liked Audacia, but stumbling upon these photos of her bloody cunt & cervix made me LOVE her: See Audacia's Bloody Snatch

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bloody Nigger Cunts

I received an email from the admin of a women-centered discussion group, with the subject heading of, "Y HELO THAR!!"

The body of the email told me:
At first, I thought someone had personally targeted me because of my menstruation fetish site.

I wasn't at all suprised to get an email from the REAL admin the next day, stating
"SisterStreet was hacked today--all damage has been repaired and the necessary patches have been done to prevent this in the future. However, the hacker sent out an email to every user of the board with very distasteful content. Please rest assured that this email did NOT come from an administrator on this site, but was from the hacker who broke into the board."
The "distasteful" message was informative, in all of it's brevity and baseness; it informs us of the most offensive and insulting things you can call someone: black, female, and menstruating. All terrible things, to this particular hacker's mind, and probably other people's as well. "What is the most offensive thing I can say to a woman?? Well, I can use a loaded racial slur, the "c" word, and refer to that shameful, scary and disgusting condition that afflicts cunts everywhere!!!"

Fascinating shit, I'll tell you.