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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Maxi Gallery

I'm going to be posting a new gallery of about 60 pics today . . . here's a sample:

Full Gallery appearing in my Members-Only area with today's update.
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There's a video accompanying it which I'll be posting some other time, but it was made in response to a member request; he liked my pantyliner so much he was hoping for something thicker. He did a great job of describing the elements he likes; the sound of the pad being ripped off the panties, his interest in knowing which brand and style of pad was being used, etc.

Odor Control

Last night I decided to try to buy some thick overnight pads at the grocery store, since I don't think the maxis Tucker bought for our last shoot were quite as thick as fetishists might want.

I'm totally out of practice at buying disposable pads, as I haven't in many many years -- there is one brand of organic tampon I like, and for pads I use socks or other washables rather than contributing more unnecessary waste to the environment. I finally thought I found a nice package of Stayfree disposable overnight pads, but as I carried them down the aisle with me, I noticed a flowerly SCENT emanating from the package. Nothing on the front of the package said they were scented, but on the backside it advertised "odor control". What a fucking crock of shit. I do not want chemicals or fragrances or "odor control". You control odor by changing your pad before it gets stinky, not by fucking with the chemical balance between your legs. I refuse to put scented shame between my legs. Fuckers. I went back and saw another brand which advertised a similar gimmick, "stop odor before it starts". Oh for fuck's sake. I would love to sit on the face of whoever came up with these ideas and just shit all over him. Try and stop THAT odor, motherfucker!!

Note to women: don't buy smelly paper products. Just DON'T. In fact, don't buy disposables at all -- get some thick socks and a plastic-lined cosmetic bag (if you need to change when you're not at home) so you can carry the used ones until you get home and can soak them out (using the bloody water as a nice fertilizer for your plants).