Spotting = Menopause Coming?

I’ve been spotting after my period should be over the past couple of cycles. Like this on day 10:

A little bit egg-white, a little bit rock & roll?

Could be perimenopause … could be cancer? I don’t know.

I haven’t been to the doctor for a pap smear (or whatever they call it now) since before COVID, I don’t think. So I’m overdue to be checked out for all the potential bad things.

Back in the day I used to always wind my period up with at least one last tampon. It seemed to wick out the last dregs and finalize my period a bit earlier than without that ritual. Maybe that’s what I should still be doing.

I was going to make a point of doing the end-of-period tampon this month after the late spotting the cycle before, but the thought of sticking something so dry inside me when my flow was so light just sounded too uncomfortable.







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