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Friday, August 10, 2007

Surprise Tampon Cam!

The other day while I browsed the voyeur cams on Rude, I spotted a tampon-insertion show IN PROGRESS!! It was a lucky accident, I am telling you, so I immediately captured a handful of screen shots to prove it REALLY HAPPENED:

inserting tampon with plastic applicator

live tampon webcam show

tampon video

stuffing in tampon

tampon string

pantyhose tampon string

It's too bad the girl doing it wasn't actually menstruating (she was fulfilling a private-show viewer's request) since I hate seeing tampons stuffed into a pussy with no fluid to absorb, but obviously she's an accommodating camgirl when she's being paid, plus she was really nice to those of us watching on her live house cam. You can search for her there under the name "CamGirlKitten".

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Anonymous CamGirlKitten said...

I always do tampon shows, even when menstrating, whenever they're requested! I love kinky fetishes, and I'm up for just about anything. :) Members of my website get to see all my different types of shows 24/7 for free.

CamGirlKitten.com in case you guys are curious!

4:31 AM  

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