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Sunday, February 06, 2005


My period started yesterday, so today is my heavy flow day. I've been meaning to TRY to do a fucking-while-menstruating video, but the logistics of it tend to get me down. But I sucked it up today, got everything as ready as I could, and we shot it! Well, TUCKER shot it -- and it was none too easy, trying to fuck me, get the angles and lighting right, hold the cam, etc.

Of course, once we actually started doing it, I started enjoying it. I definitely have developed a taste for sucking Tucker's cock when it's coated with my menstrual fluid -- it's so cannibalistic and makes me so hungry tasting the flavor of taboo.

It's pretty funny that our "regular" site members don't get much couples action from us (because, as I said, the logistics of filming yourself while doing couple-action are really prohibitive), but today we actually got as close to a cream pie as I've ever gotten on film. Creamy goo on a blanket of hairy red -- this is some vulgar, primitive film!