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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Menstruating Nun

I cannot wait to unveil all of these pics in my members area:

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We shot this set of photos last week. I haven't been flowing very heavily since I started on the pill, so I planted an Instead cup inside me on my heaviest day hoping to accumulate enough red fluid to play with. I did a non-bloody camshow while wearing it (giving myself a whopping orgasm which I feared might dislodge the cup), then waited for Tucker to get home from work. Then he had to do a show, so I went to the post office to pick up a present from Blasphemous Bob (perfect timing!! It was the nun's habit, and I knew it would look excellent with the diving nun dildo he sent me earlier). I was wearing the cup for over six hours when we finally started shooting.

Not surprisingly, the cup reached maximum capacity a few shots into the session, and the blood just bubbled out of my cunt for some spectacular looking photos. Anyway, I think they're fun, beautiful, and a fitting tribute to that nazi fuck, the new pope. The Catholic church has so much blood on its hands, I see red when I hear all of their hypocritical damaging policies. I am not saying I hate all Catholics or that I have no appreciation whatsoever for the church, because that's not true either. I think religion CAN be a beautiful, meaningful, positive thing and religious people CAN (and do) do wonderful things (even the ones who irrationally and hurtfully oppose things like CONDOM USAGE). With the selection of Joseph Ratzinger it's clear that they want to keep Catholics (particularly women) in the fucking dark ages. I would personally love to douse Pope Benedict XVI in a little of my own personal holy water, but I digress.

Anyway, I had a blast getting my hands and pussy coated with blood. The only thing that sucks is how quickly blood dries getting very very sticky, and even crispy/flaky.

Post Script: I shouldn't call Ratzinger a "nazi" just because he was enrolled in the Hitler Youth. It's not fair or accurate, and I actually despise the way the world villifies the common German soldier during WWII since the sad, scary truth is that most of us would have done the same thing under those same circumstances. That is not to say that I excuse the terrible things human beings do to one another, I just don't think that the average German joe during that time period was MORE terrible than the rest of us. People are capable of doing horrible things.


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