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Friday, December 31, 2004

Margaret Cho's Period

"I feel like an Olympic gymnast or some other kind of professional athlete, too muscular and stressed out for feminine luxuries such as menses and the prom. When it comes time for one of my quarterly shed, it takes me by surprise and I welcome it like a long lost friend."
Read the rest of the entry here: Margaret Cho BLOG. It's dated 12/20/2004 and I'll try to remember to change the link once she archives the entry entitled, "Why Must I Bleed Alone?".

For those of you aren't familiar with Margaret Cho, she's the Korean-American stand-up comic of "I'm the One that I Want" fame, and it's fucking fantastic to read some of her experiences on the rag and responses to mesntruation-related enculturation. I'm particularly fond of her description of her mom demonstrating how to "properly" dispose of a bloody pad, "Of course I was incredibly lax about throwing those huge pads away, and my negligence was punished with more lessons on how to properly dispose of them, as if they were radioactive nuclear waste."

My favorite Margaret Cho line is probably "I'm here to wash your vagina!"

It annoys the fuck out of me that comedians are given free license to joke about everything except, for god's sake, our fucking periods. Oh wait, GUYS can joke about them (usually in a way that reminds us they'd rather not hear about them at all and aren't we disgusting to even make reference to them). . . but women can't. How fucked up is that?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

A doll who had an accident

Thank you to MissFuzzyBunny.com for emailing me this link of one artist's handmade bloody doll: Beth Robinson's "Accident IIII" Doll.

The other dolls in the artist's accident series seem to have been involved in traumatic car accidents, so this one is more subtle and open to interpretation. Anyway, I love her.

It's amazing to me how inexpensively she's priced her treasures. I would love to commission a custom-made bloody doll when I have some spare money for it. Having money to support artists and musicians is something I really really really want someday.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Orgasm Video Link FIXED

Just a quick note to thank Yoda for letting me know "Orgasm - Part 4" of my recent video update was mistakenly linked to Part 3. I have corrected the problem and all should be well, so check out that climax at the end of my bloody show!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Incestuous Menstrual Fuck Fantasy

"This incident occurred at the beginning of the summer when she came into the bedroom and announced she had CRAMPS and was fed up with them and wanted all her internal female organs removed so she would never ever have to put up with them again.

I knew she was irregular on her periods, she would bitch about them and it was not like me, good old me, always on time, just about the same time every month and loved that cock in my asshole when I could get one.
Something about menstruating and anal sex that just drives me nuts. And thank goodness I had Kelly with me at this time, he has this little thin cock that is just perfect for anal fucking. . . "
CLICK HERE to read the entire story. It has a few interesting elements you don't see in any old Penthouse letter . . . and a bunch of typos and errors to give it that genuinely amateur feel. The story wasn't a huge turn-on to me, but maybe it will be when I think about it later. Still, I thought my BloodyTrixie.com audience might be interested in it.