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Sunday, September 12, 2004

My Bloody Pantyhose

Tonight I added a gallery of 103 pictures for BloodyTrixie.com members:

Full Gallery appearing in my Members-Only area tonight.
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I'll be posting a couple of videos in the weeks ahead to accompany the gallery. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Vanessa Tiegs Menstrual Paintings Collection

I am *dying* to see these images, but they're all linked to livejournal entries, and livejournal seems fucked up AS USUAL. Won't load for me. Anyway, it's worth bookmarking and checking out asap.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Art by Women About Menstruation

Oh my god oh my god oh my Goddess!!!! Look what I just found:

Art by Women About Menstruation

My Period Started Today

On the 36th day after my last period. Turns out our friend Betty's period started today too. She lives over the mountains from us but visited a couple of weeks ago. Is it possible we're synchronizing anyway because of our connection?

It surprised me today . . . after breakfast I started cramping: fast warning signal contractions . . . not too painful, but indicators I should take an anti-inflammatory if I didn't want them to get worse. As usual, it began as a smattering of "swampy" discharge (that's how I refer to that early or late colored menstrual gunk that ranges from brownish-purple to tan to brown to blackish red). I quickly put a plug in it, my mom arrived for a visit celebrating her birthday, we sat down on the couch for a while. I was cozy with a foot up on the couch, my legs spread open clad in some comfortable new grey yoga pants and a hot water bottle cradled in my arms resting against my belly . . . and the next thing I know Tucker stops as he's walking by me to take his own seat, squints in the direction of my crotch, and told me, "ummm. . . looks like you're bleeding through there." Dammit!! In my new cozy pants -- already a stain! Normally it takes at least six hours for my period to really start flowing after I get the swamp signal.