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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Very Concept of BloodyTrixie.com . . .

. . . makes some people want to hurl.

Yet another thread devoted to disgust over red content on yet another message board littered with images of young women these guys think of as barbie dolls with sanitized holes only made for fucking. Sidenote: I have to wonder how much of the ana (rexia) thrill for girls is not only controlling body weight, but ceasing to menstruate, eradicating a cyclical source of shame, revulsion, and perceived powerlessness over their own bodies. Hmmmm . . . reminds me how much better off women would be if we had some kind of party/ritual/etc. to celebrate menarche.

When guys find some period content (and they do find it regularly so they MUST be looking for it) they go quite mad, sharing it with their buddies, impressing one another with evidence they've found of women's apparently disgusting bodily functions. When someone posted a link to my site in the above thread devoted to outgrossing each other with bloody chunks, another guy responded by saying, "as for that Bloody Trixie site... the very concept of such a site makes me wanna hurl."

Oh well, at least it's free advertising for me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

New Video & Old Pics

I just uploaded a new video of me playing with my bloody panties and pussy along with an old small (but very unique) gallery of pics. Again, there is much more to come.

Friday, July 23, 2004

I Haven't Abandoned You

I've still got a lot of bloody pics and even videos to post to the members area, but have been overwhelmed with tons of work and a ten-day writers' conference. The last day is tomorrow so after I get caught on our main sites, you can bet on seeing more stuff in the members area.

Speaking of the writers' conference, I perked up today when a woman in our workshop read a piece she wrote musing about her grandmother's life. She wondered aloud how a family with six girls in a humble household dealt with their menstrual cycles a hundred years ago.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why People Think Menstruation Fetishists are Freaks: Example #1

From Mistress Matisse's Journal:
Dear Queenly Mistress,
I strongly urge you to not allow or tolerate me to be free any longer from getting your periods forced on me and be another woman to get your long overdue sexual justice PAY BACK TIMES and START TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS WITH ME AND GIVING ME THE REAL BUSINESS WITH YOUR ULTIMATE WOMANHOOD and use your used cunt hole stick tampons for what they were meant to be used for by you and force my cunt hole mouth to get stuffed and rammed full of them for all of them to EXPLODE with your period for me to have to cuntsume every last drop of your cunt flow period.
Asshats like this do not win the hearts and minds (or the used bloody tampons) of women, okay? I fucking cannot abide someone dictating to me (or any other woman) what her experience should be and how his idiotic ass should best be pressed into servitude. I strongly urge you? Start taking care of business with me? I will allow you??????? He will allow her??? HAHAHAHAHA.

One of the sad things webwhoring has taught me is that there are entirely too many cheapskate fetishists who are obsessed with said fetish(es) but have no qualms about demanding people cater to their fetishes for bargain basement prices (or even free!!!) and presenting the opportunity to you as though it's a privilege. Bizarre. And they think they're being so clever!!

This guy should be forced to "cuntsume" a knuckle sandwich. Hardy har har. This guy's bizarre language (see tampons as weapons of mass destruction), fanatic tone and lack of grasp on the worth of a woman's TIME are signs of bonafide freakishness. He gives flowlovers a bad name.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Wading the Red River

TwiddlyBits' Thoughts on Period Sex

Friday, July 02, 2004

More Archived Content Coming

I intended to post all of my archived bloody content for members, moving it from TastyTrixie.com to here at BloodyTrixie.com by the end of June. Well, amazingly enough it's July 2nd already and lo, there are still archives to which you BloodyTrixie members do not yet have access. I'm going to hurry and put another gallery up though and keep slogging along with it.

The gallery from last year I'm about to post is a little more extreme than most of the galleries already in the members area. Hope you enjoy!