Thirteen Years Later …

I told you waaaaaaaay back in 2010 I was moving the BloodyTrixie blog to the MAIN PAGE, and here we are; I finally did it!

All of these changes keep happening not to be annoying and break things on purpose, but as old publishing and hosting solutions disappear / cease to operate and are replaced with new — usually BETTER — ways of doing things.

Making these transitions and improvements does take time. Not thirteen years exactly, but enough time that for one person doing all of the admin, design and dev work (on top of producing the content), you just can’t do it all. I’m tempted to share more details, but you’d probably be bored by my long-winded explanations of hosting problems, too-many projects, and content / asset-management woes.

I’m not sure when I’ll add new content or how frequently I’ll be able to post, but I do have some never-before-seen period porn I want to show off eventually, and reflect on menstruation-related stuff in the news, within the adult industry and my dwindling circle of menstruation-fetish “friends” (have there been any changes in the past twenty years?), and as I age, getting closer and closer to the point where I cease to have periods.






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