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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Glory Be!

My period just started this morning.

Looks like Goddess Glory and I are flowing together; she describes her cramps and treatment of them HERE.

We're babysitting my nephew so I doubt we'll be able to shoot any content this time around, but I do have an hour-long webcam show scheduled tomorrow (Sunday, August 26th, noon Pacific Time) for members of my main site, TastyTrixie.com. If you can make it, you'll probably get to see me masturbating and menstruating at the same time towards the second half of the show. Members will want to go to the LIVE SHOWS page for access.

I did have some pretty strong cramps this morning, but they passed fairly quickly so I only had to endure about a half hour of grunt-worthy pain. I feel pretty splendid now, very warm and buzzy.

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Anonymous genderbender said...

Hey, I'm just wondering - has your girl/boyfriend ever licked you while you're menstruating? Is this in any way unhealthy (for her/him)?

My girlfriend wanted me to promise her she could lick me while I'm on my period once...but I wondered whether that would be 100% safe since I don't know all the contents of the liquid (I only know it isn't just pure blood)..So, do you know if it's alright? I'm not on any pills or anything of the sort - if that should play any role.

Hmm...while we're at it - you wouldn't happen to also know whether the other "substances" that leave the body are harmful, would you? (I'm refering here to urin and stool).

Anyway - good luck to you and your grrl/boi with the baby-making! I only wish my girl could get me pregnant, and vice versa...

4:50 PM  
Blogger Trixie said...

I've never had anyone go down on me while I was menstruating, no. I have, however, tasted and swallowed my own menstrual fluid after it's coated someone's cock and not had any problems. I enjoy doing that, but I've never had an overwhelming urge to go down on another menstruating woman.

Whether or not it is unhealthy depends on the person you are with and if they have hep or other diseases and your own immune system. Also, our bodies are designed to get sick when we consume blood, so even though there are other things in menstrual fluid besides blood, the potential for an upset stomach is still there.

I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but no one (especially someone who is not a health care professional) should ever say that ANY bodily fluid or waste product is 100% safe. But it's my understanding that pee is probably the least dangerous of the three substances you've asked about here since it's sterile until it exits the body and comes into contact with other things (unless, of course, the person peeing has an infection or some problem). Poop of course is off limits unless you want to make yourself sick or cover every inch of your body in latex. There are some people who enjoy it enough to take the risk of getting sick, though, and if you are reasonably healthy and play with it without putting it in your mouth, eyes, ears, nose, peehole, vagina, etc. then it's *possible* to mess around with it and not get sick as long you clean up afterwards and any surface it's come into contact with can be washed and sterilized.

Thanks for the well-wishes on our family plans!

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a period slave, he will do anything I ask. Humiliating barebums these days Barebums priceless buttboy

11:28 AM  

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