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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Period

I started flowing on Wednesday (the 21st) a day earlier than I expected; the orgasmic masturbation session I had that afternoon with my new eroscillator I got for my 34th birthday must have kicked out the jams in my uterus. I also wound up with more painful cramps than I've had in quite awhile.

This week has been great, but sort of long and exhausting. We had family over for a number of days; I only had a handful of hours between their departure and the arrival of my period. My muscles are sore from dancing and lifting/carrying my nine month old nephew. I've been dizzy all day. I'm definitely in hermit mode and don't want to see or talk to anyone besides Tucker.

I could really use a massage. This is not a lament because I actually could get one whenever I want since I have three massages paid for (one was a birthday present from when I turned 33 and I still haven't used it). When you're poor (or semi-poor, or even just vividly REMEMBER being poor at one time) you save things that are meant to be used, fearing that to use them is to squander or destroy them. So I think I've been saving this massage gift certificate waiting for the perfect time, feeling like since I can't get massages regularly I should make sure I don't get one when I'm *totally* gimped up. No, I should stretch for a week beforehand so the procedure isn't totally in vain!

This week I realized I really should treat myself since I've been sitting on this gift for a year, but I hesitated to schedule an appointment knowing I'd be having my period and maybe not feeling like having someone pushing on my lower back. And then next week I don't want to schedule a massage because we have a shoot (and tons of work to catch up on) and I know it will just throw everything right back out of wack when I start posing in heels and stuff.

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