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Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Mischa Barton Sees Red"

Here are a few pics of a literal celebrity spotting: Celebrity Smack!: Mischa Barton Sees Red

I "love" the blogger's commentary at the end: "She is just nasty. Dirty and nasty."

For one thing, I am not all that fond of publicly ridiculing celebrities. For another thing, what exactly is dirty and nasty about Mischa Barton? Is the blogger referring simply to her "accident"? Does simply having a period in white pants makes a woman dirty and nasty, or did she offend this person's delicate sensibilities in other ways as well in order to earn those derisive descriptors?

Here is another blogger's commentary with before and after pics. "Distasteful". Yes, it is in SUCH bad taste to be outed as an adult woman with functioning organs. It's in such bad taste that she didn't just STAY HOME, sequestered, for the duration of her menses. It's extremely distasteful that she did not carry a trench coat or something in the LA heat in order to be prepared for such an occurrence. And isn't it "funny"? It's SO FUNNY!! Hardy har har! There's just nothing funnier than seeing a woman humiliated!

It's actually "funny" that the blogger referred to Mischa's "heavy flow". She has a couple tiny droplets of blood. That's indicative of a heavy flow? Get real. Her tampon got full and she didn't have room in those tight pants for a liner.

A few people on a menstruation fetish board theorized that it was blood from a nosebleed, too "red" to be menstrual fluid, and the spots too round, uniform, and oddly placed. Here was my response:
I think it could definitely be real period spots. For me, the color and consistency varies a lot from one day to the next, and can be very red, not brownish, particularly on heavy-flow days.

The nosebleed theory makes sense, but I can also see it being a tampon accident -- she doesn't have enough room in those pants for a liner or pad, thought she'd be safe with her tampon, and stayed out a little too long. I have gotten round droplets of accident like that before. Also, I've taken out really full tampons before, and they've "swung" as I pulled them out of my pussy, catapulting blood onto my pulled-down pants and/or panties. That kind of spatter is often round. Additionally, if she still had a tampon in, the string could have been soaked and just peeking out a bit and moving around a little to deposit spots.
Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. I *want* to see open signs of menstruation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sumthing wong? a lot of people i know automatically say ew upon hearing menstruating pussy. punch me if i'm wrong, but isn't that blood?

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