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Saturday, November 19, 2005

FurryGirl & I "Paint" Each Other

Babe paints girlfriend's boob with blood from her diva cup.
Full Gallery and video appearing in installments on BloodyTrixie.com and EroticRed.com.
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Ahhh yes! In spite of our lack of billing and the general consensus that what we're doing is totally obscene, I wanted to offer you consolation that FurryGirl and I are still shooting menstruation porn and I am still updating my members area. Tonight I am posting four different items for members-only enjoyment (a very gory video, a set of pictures of FurryGirl and I as sampled above, and an inside look at some magazine articles featuring me, BloodyTrixie, including one that I wrote).

I'm also trying out a new way of processing payments, but because I'm not exactly sure of the company's policies on menstruation (and I know I'd only be shooting myself in the foot to ask) I'm not going to advertise how to get a membership. You'll have to sign up for my newsletter and/or email me (trixie /AT/ bloodytrixie /DOT/ com) to find out how to join. I despise all of the mystery, but then again it's sort of fun to do things covertly as though I'm running an underground menstruation porn railroad or something. Because my income is not (and never has been dependent) on revenue from BloodyTrixie.com I have to continue to protect my main income generators and let BT barely survive as more of a secret hobby than a viable business venture. Pretty fucked up, eh?

I'd also like any members who paid for the months of October and/or November to email me so I can extend your access since I went over a month without adding anything new to the members-only area.


Blogger Chex said...


I really don't understand what all the pain+suffering is with 'risque' websites dealing with restrictive Credit Card processors. Screw credit cards. Cant you use Paypal or other web-based payment transactors? Or whatever happened to stamps and good old Personal Checks + Money Orders? I know its time consuming and tedious, but if you accept payment for minimum of 6 months, say at $20/month, it *has* to be worth your while to accept people that way.

-- Chex in Boston

12:38 AM  
Blogger Trixie said...

No, you canNOT use paypal and the like. They refuse to process adult transactions and if they catch you doing it, they shut down your account, hold all your money, etc. I should know: it happened to me (and has happened to many many other site owners, camgirls, etc.).

It's a good idea, but most people will not make an initial investment of $120 or so on a site they haven't seen, so the amount of people joining would not be enough to support the site plus there's no immediacy with that type of transaction. Also it's just not feasible to run a business in this day and age and NOT accept credit cards.

It's a big deal when the powers that be take away the ability to ACCEPT PAYMENT, especially in the US of A where we're supposed to be CAPITALISTS and have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It's pretty difficult for me to accept or brush off as no big deal.

It's not worth it for me right now to beat my head against a brick wall for a hobby site, so I'm focusing on our other sites and will turn my attention back to BT and controversy when I have more resources to attack the problems associated with running a site that our culture believes is patently offensive and obscene.

I do have a lead on another payment processor I will try out soon, but it's a pretty low-priority with all of my other projects.

1:08 AM  

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