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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Show Tonight?

My period started.

I'm going to free flow onto my panties (protecting my chair by also wearing a ragged pair of men's duofold long johns), post an update to the members area, and then do a bloody show displaying how soaked my panties are, chatting, possibly masturbating, and then either inserting a tampon or changing into a fresh pair of panties with a pad or sock for absorption.

I'm not sure what time I'll do the show (it depends on a) when I get my update done, and b) how long it takes to soak my panties), but I'll send out an email to members and fans when I have a more solid idea. It may be anywhere from two hours to fifteen minutes before the show starts, so you'll have to be ready.

Sign up here to get on my email list. It's the only way I can quickly notify people of spontaneous events like this one. You do need to be a member of BloodyTrixie in order to watch the show, though. You can get member privileges by joining BloodyTrixie.com (OR by joining TastyTrixie.com or SpyOnUs.com and writing to me to request I manually extend your membership to BloodyTrixie).


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