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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Scents & Cycles

I've become intrigued by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (a perfumery) and found this rich informative discussion on their message board: BPAL Madness! -> BPAL scent changes throughout the month.

I've noticed that my sense of smell varies a lot throughout my menstrual cycle, and that I feel like my sensitivity to certain aromas intensifies right before and during my period (ex. I feel like I can smell my pussy and it is SO STRONG, and I can only blame a tiny fraction of that heightened awareness on insecurity), so it's fascinating to read other women's experiences with this and quotations from other sources explaining this phenomenon.

The most interesting part of this discussion and experience is wondering whether the the main change is our PERCEPTION of scents changing during the month, or our body chemistry's changing and interacting differently with scents applied to our skin.


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