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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Light Cramping

My period is due to begin today. I'm having some light cramping, not in noticeably contracting waves but more as abdominal heat and tight electricity, almost as though there's a deep persistent low-frequency electrical current keeping my insides in a light isometric contraction from my cervix, out to each hip, and through my lower back.

I feel lethargic and hungry, and so glad that my red shoot with FurryGirl fell through (she's poised and ready to head down south to help rescue animals abandoned during the trauma and aftermath of the hurricane). The thought of driving, talking to other people, and trying to look cute on cam doesn't appeal to me at all right now. Yet we *will* have to shoot some photos and video once I start flowing, but we'll be staying home to do it and they won't have the added attraction of FurryGirl. We're planning on next month, though.

As always, I have content waiting in the wings, and should post some of it today.

Yesterday I did a couple of one-hour group shows; I had four fantastic orgasms, each enhanced I believe by my PMS which seems to give me a greater sense of urgency and achiness when I'm on the verge of climaxing.


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