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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New Sidebar Link: Gynotopia

Vatobulo's Gynotopia: What is "Gynotopia"?:
My Gynotopia is not very politically correct. If you're a feminist you might want to stop reading here.
I've been somewhat reluctant to link to this blog, Gynotopia, because I want to make sure people know it's written from the perspective of a male menstruation fetishist, not the perspective of a menstruating woman. And yeah, I'm a feminist and as he himself acknowledges -- it might not be comfortable reading for my ilk.

So why should linking to his blog be problematic to me? It's problematic to me because there are already so many misconceptions surrounding a) menstruation, b) porn, and c) period porn that I am reluctant to usher people unchaperoned towards a perspective that could lead to further stereotyping and misconceptions. I also don't want people to assume that because I link to someone, that I'm giving them some seal of approval or that I agree with everything they say.

On the other hand, fetishists' perspectives and experiences are not only interesting reading, but provoke us to think about HOW these fetishes develop. As women, we may not like the way our bodies and functions are broken down into bits and pieces and processes and waste products (in the case of pads and tampons) and articles of clothing to be hyperfocused on and removed from the context of our wholeness and our own genuine experiences . . . but we also need to be able to put that fetishization into perspective and context to best understand it. Not all fetishists are created equally. Not all fetishists are incapable of putting their fetishes into appropriate, healthy perspectives. Not all fans and curious bystanders are fetishists. And certainly not all women are fetish-free; my own interests in gloves, suspenders, feet, money, belts, white panties, and uncircumsized cocks border on fetishization.

I think everyone's story is important and should be saved for posterity, including the rarely-heard stories of menstruation fetishists. Because Gynotopia's author, Vatobulo, is getting so little feedback to his blog he's not sure if it's worth continuing it. I think it would be a shame if he let it languish for lack of reader response so I'd encourage you to check it out and let him know you are a reader.

He is honest about his perspective and hasn't tried to pass his fantasies off as "reality" (see, for example, his fictional menstrual blog in which he clearly states it is "fake", written by himself from the perspective of a fantasy sister). I greatly appreciate it when people make sure to clearly label fantasy as such, rather than passing it off as fact. It's very important and something I too try to do on my porn sites. As long as we can differentiate fact from fiction and fantasy from reality, I think we all should be free to enjoy our own wild, taboo, imaginative (and even totally offensive) daydreams. I'm sure as hell not in a position to say we're only allowed to have politically correct, inoffensive fantasies . . . my own fantasy life would be almost empty if that were the case.


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