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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hotel Room

We've reserved a hotel room to shoot photos next week on my heaviest-flow days. We'll actually be more focused on shooting Delia, but it will be nice to shoot a set or two of me, menstruating, in a different setting than our house which I get really tired of as a backdrop. Because we have four very different sites to shoot content for, we really get bored with the same rooms, the same furniture, the same greenish-white walls we can't paint because we're renting. A generic hotel room won't cut it either, so we try to find places that are unique. On our current budget it can be tough, but worth it.

I'm a little nervous about scheduling so much work for days when I may be pretty crampy. Poor Delia often has to endure me being a total bitch photographer often enough without adding menstrual cramps to the picture.


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