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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Elvis Has Left the Building

My last period started while I was doing a webcam / chat session with members. I'd been having cramps and anticipated my period would start at any moment. Every so often I would perform a diptest, but eventually I got caught up in chat and didn't catch the beginning of the flow until it was already substantial enough to produce a deliciously bright blot of redness on a tissue:

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I wound up keeping the kleenex and letting it dry, then I took some more photos of it so people could see the difference in color between fresh wet fluid, and dry aged flow.

I had SO MUCH FUN taking these pictures, and loved thinking about how some days menstruating can be like big fat Elvis days. Popping pills, laying around . . . sweaty and a living legend of bloated god(dess)like proportions. I enjoyed thinking about the phrase, "Elvis has left the building", and thinking about menstruation in terms of an entity's departure, and the womb as a place or performance venue.

The photos in the members area provide better close-ups of the texture and colors, but I like showing them off in a smaller format here, too.


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