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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Charity's Reflections on Period Sex

I found this blog entry via my web stats, and found it interesting:
. . . it's that time of the month, so though I am incredibly horny, we haven't made the time to hop in the shower together for a good fuck so nothing personally sexy to write about.

You know, speaking of that, I was looking at BloodyTrixie.com recently. I don't know what I think about it - I sort of get there and cant take my eyes off of her teasers and get this 'wow that's sort of an icky turn on' sort of feeling deep down inside. It really is one of the last taboos isn't it?

I don't really have a problem with the idea of sex while on my period - there is always the shower afterwards etc. I wouldn't think twice of it to be honest and I am rather kinky and up for almost anything. I do worry about what my husband thinks of it though, he can be a bit more reserved in the bedroom than I am sometimes and isn't really into kinky things for the most part. I think we have maybe had sex, I dunno, 3-4 times at the tail end of my cycle in 9 years of being together and have never really flat out talked about it. Odd, eh?
I think conflicted feelings about our periods, especially in a sexual context, are to be expected. The conflicting feelings are more apparent in a sexual context because there's the uncertainty over how your lover's perceive it. Will they think I stink? Will they resent the mess? Will they go ahead with it even though they don't want to so that they won't hurt my feelings? Would they tell me if they didn't like it? We shouldn't care, but most of us do.

I think a lot of this uncertainty would be remedied by women knowing more about other women's bodies and flows. That the color isn't always bright circus red. That it can be lumpy and bumpy. That we've successfully enjoyed intercourse with men while on the rag and some of them were really enthusiastic (not just tolerant) about it. That it's okay to devote a couple of stained towels in the back of your linen closet to messy sex. That many humans have enjoyed the taste of blood from their own bit lips and wished for a bit more of it, so licking up some slippery aroused menstrual fluid can almost be like a vampiric dream come true. That a man would never give up sex for 3-7 days simply because his dick was leaking fluid, so why should we if we don't want to? That other chick's periods aren't cleaner or prettier than our own.

I kind of like being an "icky turn-on". It's not politically correct, but it's honest and I can't really fault anyone for being simultaneously revolted and intrigued at the same time by me embracing a phenomenon that is so shrouded in myth, shame and a complete lack of accurate, whole visibility.

On the other hand, it shocks me that people are often grossed-out by my free area. I think the few photos I chose (and censored) are extremely tasteful and even cute. I truly don't get it when people see them as icky or extreme or obscene. I wonder if it's not just the bloody panties and tampon strings, but the sight of the words "blood, shit & piss" in the sidebar. Or the fact that I have hair on my pussy and asscrack. Or that I have some belly rolls. Or that I'm assertive about my opinions. Maybe all of those things combine to collide with mainstream society's preference for hypersanitized, hairless, gym bunny porn. I'm sometimes tempted to make a really "glam" red site, where the models are all pretty and airbrushed and hairless and tight, and see if that would make the menstruation aspect more palatable and less offensive.


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