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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Plus-Sized Pads

This woman is a little oversensitive about the creation and marketing of pads for the plus-size crowd:
"Are they trying to imply that because I'm larger than a size six that, somehow, my vagina is 'larger' and I need 'more coverage'? That's ridiculous. Does that mean that all those uber-skinny mini stars on TV need to cut a maxi pad in half because their vagina is so damn 'tiny'? . . . Watch out folks, over half the population of women in the US are over a size fourteen. That's a whole lot of enormous vaginas just walking around and they're heading your way."
First of all, A pad doesn't go in your "vagina", it sits in your panties. If you think the asscrack (you know, where all the blood runs if you're laying down?) on a size six woman is the same size as the asscrack on a size 16 woman, you're really fooling yourself.

We don't wear the same size underwear, do we? So of course there should be different sized pads for different sized people. As someone who is petite (5'2", size five/six) I resent having to wear stuff that's too big for me (see instead cup rant). I *have* had pads be too big. For example, "lightdays" pantyliners actually CUT INTO my thighs -- they're very thin and sharp and I've wound up with paper cuts on my inner thighs from them because I'm simply not wide enough for their stupid silhouette.

It's ludicrous for someone to get offended by the truth that we are NOT all the same size. It really doesn't mean you have a monster pussy if you might be better served by a larger maxi pad. I'm not sure how this woman would even be qualified to comment since she basically conceded that she prefers tampons and softcups to pads.


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