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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Period Started

I'm still really enjoying being on the pill, though I've forgotten to take it a handful of times (I need to get a better handle on that -- maybe next time I'll get the packs with the iron pills so I can stay in the habit of taking the pill EVERY single night instead of forgetting about it while I'm on the rag). Anyway, I love being able to say, "my period is going to start Monday (or today or whatever)."

So yeah -- my period started yesterday / last night. I've been mildly crampy today and not at peak performance because I lost over an hour of sleep last night that I could really have used.

I've got a couple of updates in the queue for BloodyTrixie Ticketholders that I will post simultaneously as soon as they're finished (tomorrow I hope). One is a video and the other is a photo gallery with audio. I'll say no more and let it be a surprise.

Anyway, we were on a road trip for over two weeks and still are trying to catch up from that so expect to see a "make-up" post or two for ticketholders and then back to the regularly scheduled events! ;-)


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