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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Journal Entry from 1999

I just wandered across this journal entry I made back in April of 1999, when the Instead cup was a very new thing:
I feel as though I just did something wonderfully witchy and secretive: I chucked my half-full of blood & tissue “Instead” cup into the watering pitcher, diluted my blood with water, and went outside and poured it all over sweet peas, pansies, geranium, and ferns. I have been looking forward to doing that and now finally have followed this strange suggestion to give my nutrients to the earth. With a couple smears of blood on the outside of the watering pitcher, I felt like a murderess disposing of evidence and felt power while pouring it out at dusk for passersby to ignorantly neglect to notice. Amazing.

Too bad I lost some of the richness to the toilet when I was trying to remove the damn thing: it gushed all over my hand but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the hot thick stickiness.

I can’t wait to see whether or not the plants will really like it. One fern’s fiddleheads are cloaked in a shroud of tissue that wouldn’t wash away. I didn’t feel like plucking it off so I left it. Hope it won’t draw all the neighborhood animals to rip up the plant.


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