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Saturday, June 26, 2004

"Blood" is NOT Entirely Accurate

"Menstrual fluid" is a pretty clunky term, so I often refer to it as "blood", to my menstruating self as "bloody", and to my on-the-rag cunt as "bleeding".

Let's get this straight though, I'm only using the word "blood" for lack of a more graceful term, since a woman's cyclical flow is only partially composed of blood - the rest is broken-down tissue from the lining of the uterus along with regular vaginal discharge.

So "bloody" is actually an okay word to use when describing my menstruating self, although technically I am NOT "bleeding". It's more like shedding. Uterine housecleaning. Turning the page in a book. And menstrual fluid is MORE than blood.

One of the things you'll hear me rant about a lot is the ignorance passed on to young women. In just about every issue of YM and Cosmo Girl you'll find a question and answer section about menstruation. And in every issue where it's discussed, the magazine's "doctor" teaches girls not to worry about the "blood clots" that may develop when they are laying down. I fucking want to scream to the rooftops when I read that. Those are not blood and there is NO CLOTTING going on during menstruation, okay? Fucking retarded. Take one of those "clots" to the sink, rinse it with a little water, and you'll be left holding a hunk of flesh. It's pretty cool to hold the flesh from an internal organ in your fingers. You can even use it to fertilize plants (no rinsing off of blood necessary)!

It's really shocking to me that so many people are so disgusted by menstruation that they won't even investigate the flow a little better. It's not hard, and it's not disgusting. We're talking about the stuff little baby cocoons are made out of, right? How gross can that be?


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