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I'm a man and fan of menstruation - how can I get my wife to open up and let me pleasure her when she's on the rag?
To make a long answer short, do not mix up YOUR pleasure with your partner's pleasure. It is one thing to let your partner know what turns you on and reassure her that you find her period erotic; it's quite another to pressure her into doing something she does not currently find "pleasurable". There could be many reasons she doesn't want to share her bloody flow with you - maybe you need to "open up" and hear those reasons, respecting her boundaries while not assuming you know more about her body than she does. This is HER period and body, not yours. Instead of telling her what you could do to "pleasure her" try ASKING her what would make her happy/feel pleasure when she's on the rag (if she says, "nothing" this probably means she suspects she's being manipulated and pressured). You should be ready to be her menstruation slave, fetching her hot water bottle, going to the store and buying exactly the correct brand of tampons she requires, doing all of the dishes so she can stay in bed and bleed peacefully, and leaving her ALONE if that's what she wants. If you're not willing to do that, then chances are you don't give a shit about your wife's pleasure. If she refuses to talk about any of this after many patient attempts (note: NOT after constant haranguing) over months, the two of you have more serious problems than sexual compatibility and need to learn to communicate with one another.

I'm a feminist and find & porn offensive!
I prefer to be a whole person (a capitalist whore, a sexual being, a provocateur, an explorer AND a feminist) rather than give up my right to experience life in all its fullness in an attempt to conform to one narrow feminist agenda or another. I'm not interested in conforming to your approved women's agenda any more than I'm interested in conforming to your perception of men's agenda. To me, being a feminist means fighting for the right for everybody to set their own personal agenda regardless of gender as long as it doesn't hurt other people.

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